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The A to Z of Vaping: Ultimate Vaping Glossary

The vaping community has grown hugely over the past few years, with millions of people not just using a simple vape as a tobacco alternative, but many turning it into a passion, discussing the best components and coil building skills, with the aim of creating a higher quality vape.

As a new vaper, wading into vaping forums and websites can be a bit confusing – there are many terms used that are rather specific to vapers and won’t mean much to those not in the know. As such, we’ve compiled a glossary of frequently used terms you might come across in the vaping world.

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510: One of the most popular types of atomiser, with threading that has become commonplace across many atomisers, cartomisers and clearomisers.

18350: A small battery used in stealth mods and compact devices, due to its size.

18500: The middle sized battery between the 18350 and the 18650, offering a longer battery life than the 18350, but not as popular as the 18650.

18650: The most commonly used size of battery for advanced e-cigarettes

20700: A common battery size used mostly with advanced box mods and some mechanical mods.

26650: The biggest size of battery used in advanced e-cigs, typically utilised by sub-ohm vapers.


AFC: Air flow control – in some atomisers and tanks, this is a small dial used to adjust an e-cigs drag.

Alien coil: A recent trend in coil building, which is a new take on the Clapton coil. The alien coil is made up of a wire wrapped around three core wires.

All Day Vape: A vaping phrase that refers to an e-liquid you’d be happy to use all day long.

Analog: The term used by vapers to refer to standard non-electrical cigarettes.

APV: Advanced personal vaporiser – An vaping device larger than the standard that uses replaceable batteries and has more features.

Atomiser: The part of the e-cig that stores the coil and wick, and heats the e-liquid.

Automatic e-cig: A type of vaping device that automatically heats the atomiser without the press of a button, sensing when a vaper is drawing.


Battery: The power source of the e-cig.

Battery Wraps: An option for customising your battery, usually in the form of a colourful PVC sleeve.

BCC: Stands for Bottom Coil Clearomiser, a type of clearomiser in which the coil is at the bottom of the tank.

BDC: Stands for Bottom Dual Coil Clearomiser, a type of clearomiser that has two coils at the bottom of the tank.

Blanks: A cartridge with no e-liquid in it, designed to be used for refills.

Blend: The proportion of propylene to vegetable glycerin in e-liquid.

Bottom Feeder: A type of mod set up that involves the e-liquid being fed into the atomiser from the bottom.

Box Mod: A box shaped e-cig, typically a larger APV. Often more powerful than other tube style devices, and can house more batteries.


Cartomiser: A combination of the cartridge and atomiser. The cartomiser stores and heats the e-liquid.

Cartridge: A usually pre-filled mouthpiece that holds e-liquid, and is attached to an atomiser.

Charger: For e-cigs that use removable batteries, a charger can be used to recharge applicable batteries.

Clapton Coil: A build of coil consisting of one thin wire wrapped around a thicker wire.

Clearomiser: Similar to a cartomiser, but differing in that the walls are clear so the vaper can see how much e-liquid remains.

Cloudchaser: The name given to a vaper who modifies their vape to produce the biggest vapor clouds.

Clouds: An e-cig’s production of vapor

Coil: The part of an atomiser that heats up the e-liquid.

Cutoff: An e-cig function that stops the overheating of a device, limiting the length of drag a user can take. Commonly, this happens after around 10-15 seconds.


DCT: Stands for Dual Coil Tank, a large tank that holds up to 6ml of e-liquid, and uses punched cartomisers.

Deck: In a rebuildable atomiser, this is where the positive and negative posts can be found, and also stops e-liquid from getting to the battery connection.

Drip Tip: A type of e-cig mouthpiece that has a hole for dropping e-liquid onto the atomiser.

Dripping: A method of vaping that acts as an alternative to using a cartridge. Dripping involves adding drops of e-liquid directly onto the atomiser, and is commonly used amongst those who want more flavour and bigger clouds.

Dry Burn: Activating the atomiser when there is no e-liquid present, to burn off any impurities and clean the device.

Dry Hit: Taking a hit of an e-cig when the e-liquid is low, resulting in a poor quality, low quantity vape.

Dual Coil: Atomisers that use two coils, giving off more vapor.


E-cigarette: Short for electronic cigarette. A term that describes a vaping device, and refers to the electronic replacement of standard tobacco smoking.

E-liquidAlso known as e-juice, this is the liquid that is heated to create vapor, and is available in a variety of flavours and nicotine strengths.


Flooding: When there is too much e-liquid added to the atomiser. This can sometimes cause what is described as a “gurgling vape”.


Glassomiser: A type of clearomiser that has glass walls rather than plastic.


High Resistance: A type of atomiser that has a high Ohm rating, meaning a higher voltage coil and a more powerful vape.

Hit: A term that describes an inhalation of vapor.

Hot Spot: Part of an atomiser that is generating excess heat, often characterised by a glow. This can sometimes cause dry hits.

Hybrid: A device with a built in tank and/or atomiser. Devices referred to as hybrids are typically of high quality, and are custom APVs.


ICR Battery: A Lithium Ion Cobalt Rechargeable battery

IMR Battery: A Lithium Ion Manganese Rechargeable battery.

Insulators: Self adhesive stickers used when rewrapping a battery to keep the wrap in place.


Juice: A short term for e-liquid, which is what is heated in an e-cigarette to create vapor.


Kick: Another term for a hit – the inhalation of vapor.


Lung hit: An inhalation of vapor directly to the lungs.


Manual E-cig: The style of e-cig that requires a button to be pressed to activate the atomiser and heat the e-liquid.

Mechanical modA mod that isn’t electrically wired, with the button mechanically activating the coil.

Mg: Short for milligrams, this is the unit used to measure how much nicotine is in a cartridge of e-liquid.

Micro coil: A form of coil in which the wire is wrapped so all loops are touching

ModA blanket term for any e-cig that is not the same style/shape as a standard cigarette.

Mouth Hit: A type of inhalation in which the vapor is kept only in the mouth before being exhaled, never making it to the lungs.

Mouthpiece: The part of an e-cig with which a user takes a hit.


Nicotine: A highly addictive drug, found within traditional cigarettes, and also found in e-liquids to make vaping a viable method of quitting smoking.

No Nic: An e-liquid that doesn’t contain nicotine


Ohm: A unit of electrical resistance, used in vaping to measure the resistance in a coil, and therefore the power of the vape.


Pass through: A type of device that can be used when plugged in and charging via a USB port.

Pen: A style of e-cig, typically smaller and pen-like.

PG: Short for Propylene Glycol, PG is one of two main substances that make up an e-liquid.

Protective Sleeve: A sleeve, usually made of silicon, that can house and protect a battery whilst on the move, from wear and short circuits.


QuickNicA nicotine solution that can be added and mixed into nicotine-free or low-strength e-liquids, to get it to the required/preferred strength.


RBA: Short for rebuildable atomiser.

RDA: Stands for rebuildable dripping atomiser, which allows users to create their own coils, insert cotton, and drip their e-liquid onto it.

Regulated ModThe opposite of a mechanical mod, this is a mod that contains electrical circuitry, and is regulated to stop the e-cig from overheating.

Resistance: Measured in Ohms, this is refers to the coils, and the lower this is, the lower the voltage needed for heating

RTA: Stands for rebuildable tank atomiser. Like an RDA, this can be rebuilt and modified, but it has a tank on top of it


Squonk modA type of mod in which the e-liquid is stored in a bottle that is squeezed to release it into the atomiser.

Starter kitA kit that has everything needed for a basic vape, usually containing an e-cig, batteries, and e-liquid.

Steeping: The process of leaving an e-liquid to age for a period of time to get the best flavour.

Stick: A style of e-cig that closely resembles the shape and style of a traditional cigarette.

Sub-ohming: The practice of vaping using a device with a resistance of less than 1 ohm to prduct larger vapor clouds.


Tail Piping: A style of drip vaping in which the user doesn’t use an attachment such as a drip tip, vaping directly from the atomiser.

Tank: Similar to a clearomisers but bigger with a higher capacity for e-liquid, and typically made from glass or plastic.

Throat Hit: A term that refers to the feel of vapor hitting the throat.

Threading: The connection that attaches the e-liquid cartridge to the vaping device

TPD: Stands for Tobacco Products Directive, regulations that deal with e-cigs as well as tobacco products. All vape products must be TPD compliant.


Unregulated Mod: An alternative term for a mechanical mod, a type of mod that contains no electrical circuitry.


Vaper’s tongue: The occurrence of a vaper temporarily losing full taste after using one flavour too much for too long.

VV: Stands for Variable Voltage, a type of vape device that allows users to change the voltage output.

VW: Stands for Variable Wattage, a type of vape device that allows users to adjust the wattage output.


Wick: A material, typically cotton, that is used to absorb e-liquid and draw it onto the coil.

WireIn terms of vaping, resistance wire is used to build coils for custom atomisers.

Wrap: When building a coil, a wrap refers to the wire being wrapped around an object.

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