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Vaping vs Smoking: Why you should quit smoking and switch to e-cigarettes

Vaping is a rapidly growing trend, with more and more people turning to e-cigs, as the industry swells to the biggest it’s ever been. There are now vape shops on every high street, as well as online vape stores, stocking the thousands and thousands of evolving products constantly hitting the market, with increasingly ambitious mods and innovative new e-liquid flavours being developed every day.

But just why has vaping become so popular? The vast majority of vape users are former cigarette smokers, looking to find a healthier method of getting their nicotine hit, and quitting their dangerous habit. You can’t even look at a packet of cigarettes these days without seeing the gristly image of someone’s diseased organs, and it’s for a good reason – smoking does kill, and vaping is strongly proven to be a lot less dangerous to health, as well as also eradicating several other side effects.

Here are several reasons why vaping is a much better option than smoking…

Chemicals in smoking VS chemicals in vaping

Smoking a cigarette involves the combustion of tobacco, which contains several thousand chemicals, and inhaling the smoke. The many chemicals in tobacco include a group of dangerous substances known as carcinogens, which are strongly linked with causing cancer, and these of course, are inhaled by smokers.

These chemicals include arsenic, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, lead, and hydrogen cyanide, all of which, used heavily over a long period of time, can be strongly detrimental to health.

Why is vaping better than smoking

At the other end of the scale is vaping, in which rather than inhaling the smoke from tobacco combustion, a user takes in the vapour from a heated e-liquid. There are still carcinogens involved in the process, but with there being over 20 in smoking, the small few in vaping sees a big difference in terms of damage to health. The main chemicals found here include propylene glycol and vegetable glycerol.

There’s one key chemical common between the two though – nicotine. It’s this that is highly addictive, causing people to become hooked on cigarettes. This is still present in vaping, with users able to buy varied nicotine strength e-liquids, or purchase liquids with none in whatsoever and top it up with a nicotine shot. This mains that vaping is also addictive, but it’s a less dangerous way of feeding the addiction – you’re still getting your hit of nicotine but taking in much less deadly chemicals.

In 2017, an NHS study declared that “former smokers who have now switched to using e-cigarettes” have “significantly lower levels of toxins than those who continue to smoke regular cigarettes”.

Cigarette smoke vs e-cig vapour

We’ve already covered just how dangerous inhaling cigarette smoke heavily over a period of time can be, and of course this can also affect those around you – passive smoking means that other people may inhale your smoke, and although less likely than the actual smoker, they can still receive the long-term detrimental health effects.

Give up smoking with vaping

Passive vaping works in the same way – those around you may take in some vapour, meaning they’ll also inhale a small fraction of nicotine. The health effects from vaping are hugely reduced from smoking for the actual user, so any affect via passive vaping will be minimal.

But the smoke from a cigarette isn’t just bad for health – it comes with an unpleasant smell that clings to clothes and furniture, and chain-smokers will find it staining their skin and teeth. Vaping is a more pleasant experience for everyone – the smell can be similar to a variety of things such as fruits, depending on the choice of e-liquid flavour, and it doesn’t stick around as cigarette smoke does.

Cost of smoking vs vaping

It’s a well-known fact that the cost of smoking has increased at a rapid rate over the past few years, with governments adding huge amounts of tax to try and put people off. A packet of 20 cigarettes now costs around £8 on average, and with a lot of smokers using at least 10 a day, the cost can really build up.

Vaping can be an expensive habit itself, but mostly for cloud chasers – those who like to have the best modified equipment that gives the largest clouds and strongest flavours. But on average, vaping costs a lot less. There’s the initial investment required to begin vaping, that being the purchase of an e-cigarette, but starter kits are available now for a reasonable price, giving users a basic, simple to set up and use, but effective device. After that, the main cost is replacement e-liquid. There are many 10ml bottles of e-liquid available for less than £5, with on average, 10ml working out as the equivalent of 100 cigarettes, as detailed by Vapouriz, which can cost around eight times the price. The only other cost a user of a basic e-cigarette that needs to be taken into account is replacement batteries, which can be lowered by using rechargeable ones.

Smoking and Vaping product ranges

There are plenty of smoking options available, but the number of products on the vaping market is massively bigger.

Of course, with traditional tobacco products, you can choose from a wide range of cigarettes, opt for roll-your-own products, chewing tobacco, cigars, and more. But the amount of options within vaping is huge, with the market crowded with constantly upgraded vaping devices, with increased capabilities and features, as well as a giant variety of e-liquid flavours, some fruity, some replicating the taste of tobacco, and others packed with menthol.

Ready to start vaping?

Are you looking for the perfect way to quit smoking? For years, people have tried everything from nicotine patches to gum, but nothing has been as successful in helping people get off smoking than vaping. As well as taking in a bespoke amount of nicotine to suit each user’s addiction, the act of vaping mimics the physical movements of smoking, lifting an often stick-shaped device to the lips, and inhaling.

Vaping has become a hobby for some people, who spend a lot of time building their own coils to ensure they get the biggest clouds and the best tasting, high quality vapor. It doesn’t have to be that complicated though – all you need is an e-cigarette and some e-liquid.

asMODus Minikin V2 at Highland Vapes

There’s a range of simple to use starter kits available to purchase at low cost, that feature everything you need for a basic vape. The only thing you need to determine is how much nicotine you require in your liquid, with 3mg equivalent to the level a light smoker who uses 10 a day might consume, and 24mg aimed towards those who used to smoke two packs of cigarettes daily.

We produced a full guide earlier this year, detailing everything you need to know to begin vaping.

Read more: The Beginners Guide to Vaping: What are mods, coils, and more?

Highland Vapes stocks a wide range of products to get your vaping journey kick started. As well as a selection of easy-to-use starter kits, we’ve got a huge range of tasty e-liquids, and accessories to customise your experience.

Got any questions about anything? Don’t hesitate to get in touch – drop us an email or give us a ring 07904 624 616.

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The A to Z of Vaping: Ultimate Vaping Glossary

The vaping community has grown hugely over the past few years, with millions of people not just using a simple vape as a tobacco alternative, but many turning it into a passion, discussing the best components and coil building skills, with the aim of creating a higher quality vape.

As a new vaper, wading into vaping forums and websites can be a bit confusing – there are many terms used that are rather specific to vapers and won’t mean much to those not in the know. As such, we’ve compiled a glossary of frequently used terms you might come across in the vaping world.

Vaping mod highland vapes



510: One of the most popular types of atomiser, with threading that has become commonplace across many atomisers, cartomisers and clearomisers.

18350: A small battery used in stealth mods and compact devices, due to its size.

18500: The middle sized battery between the 18350 and the 18650, offering a longer battery life than the 18350, but not as popular as the 18650.

18650: The most commonly used size of battery for advanced e-cigarettes

20700: A common battery size used mostly with advanced box mods and some mechanical mods.

26650: The biggest size of battery used in advanced e-cigs, typically utilised by sub-ohm vapers.


AFC: Air flow control – in some atomisers and tanks, this is a small dial used to adjust an e-cigs drag.

Alien coil: A recent trend in coil building, which is a new take on the Clapton coil. The alien coil is made up of a wire wrapped around three core wires.

All Day Vape: A vaping phrase that refers to an e-liquid you’d be happy to use all day long.

Analog: The term used by vapers to refer to standard non-electrical cigarettes.

APV: Advanced personal vaporiser – An vaping device larger than the standard that uses replaceable batteries and has more features.

Atomiser: The part of the e-cig that stores the coil and wick, and heats the e-liquid.

Automatic e-cig: A type of vaping device that automatically heats the atomiser without the press of a button, sensing when a vaper is drawing.


Battery: The power source of the e-cig.

Battery Wraps: An option for customising your battery, usually in the form of a colourful PVC sleeve.

BCC: Stands for Bottom Coil Clearomiser, a type of clearomiser in which the coil is at the bottom of the tank.

BDC: Stands for Bottom Dual Coil Clearomiser, a type of clearomiser that has two coils at the bottom of the tank.

Blanks: A cartridge with no e-liquid in it, designed to be used for refills.

Blend: The proportion of propylene to vegetable glycerin in e-liquid.

Bottom Feeder: A type of mod set up that involves the e-liquid being fed into the atomiser from the bottom.

Box Mod: A box shaped e-cig, typically a larger APV. Often more powerful than other tube style devices, and can house more batteries.


Cartomiser: A combination of the cartridge and atomiser. The cartomiser stores and heats the e-liquid.

Cartridge: A usually pre-filled mouthpiece that holds e-liquid, and is attached to an atomiser.

Charger: For e-cigs that use removable batteries, a charger can be used to recharge applicable batteries.

Clapton Coil: A build of coil consisting of one thin wire wrapped around a thicker wire.

Clearomiser: Similar to a cartomiser, but differing in that the walls are clear so the vaper can see how much e-liquid remains.

Cloudchaser: The name given to a vaper who modifies their vape to produce the biggest vapor clouds.

Clouds: An e-cig’s production of vapor

Coil: The part of an atomiser that heats up the e-liquid.

Cutoff: An e-cig function that stops the overheating of a device, limiting the length of drag a user can take. Commonly, this happens after around 10-15 seconds.


DCT: Stands for Dual Coil Tank, a large tank that holds up to 6ml of e-liquid, and uses punched cartomisers.

Deck: In a rebuildable atomiser, this is where the positive and negative posts can be found, and also stops e-liquid from getting to the battery connection.

Drip Tip: A type of e-cig mouthpiece that has a hole for dropping e-liquid onto the atomiser.

Dripping: A method of vaping that acts as an alternative to using a cartridge. Dripping involves adding drops of e-liquid directly onto the atomiser, and is commonly used amongst those who want more flavour and bigger clouds.

Dry Burn: Activating the atomiser when there is no e-liquid present, to burn off any impurities and clean the device.

Dry Hit: Taking a hit of an e-cig when the e-liquid is low, resulting in a poor quality, low quantity vape.

Dual Coil: Atomisers that use two coils, giving off more vapor.


E-cigarette: Short for electronic cigarette. A term that describes a vaping device, and refers to the electronic replacement of standard tobacco smoking.

E-liquidAlso known as e-juice, this is the liquid that is heated to create vapor, and is available in a variety of flavours and nicotine strengths.


Flooding: When there is too much e-liquid added to the atomiser. This can sometimes cause what is described as a “gurgling vape”.


Glassomiser: A type of clearomiser that has glass walls rather than plastic.


High Resistance: A type of atomiser that has a high Ohm rating, meaning a higher voltage coil and a more powerful vape.

Hit: A term that describes an inhalation of vapor.

Hot Spot: Part of an atomiser that is generating excess heat, often characterised by a glow. This can sometimes cause dry hits.

Hybrid: A device with a built in tank and/or atomiser. Devices referred to as hybrids are typically of high quality, and are custom APVs.


ICR Battery: A Lithium Ion Cobalt Rechargeable battery

IMR Battery: A Lithium Ion Manganese Rechargeable battery.

Insulators: Self adhesive stickers used when rewrapping a battery to keep the wrap in place.


Juice: A short term for e-liquid, which is what is heated in an e-cigarette to create vapor.


Kick: Another term for a hit – the inhalation of vapor.


Lung hit: An inhalation of vapor directly to the lungs.


Manual E-cig: The style of e-cig that requires a button to be pressed to activate the atomiser and heat the e-liquid.

Mechanical modA mod that isn’t electrically wired, with the button mechanically activating the coil.

Mg: Short for milligrams, this is the unit used to measure how much nicotine is in a cartridge of e-liquid.

Micro coil: A form of coil in which the wire is wrapped so all loops are touching

ModA blanket term for any e-cig that is not the same style/shape as a standard cigarette.

Mouth Hit: A type of inhalation in which the vapor is kept only in the mouth before being exhaled, never making it to the lungs.

Mouthpiece: The part of an e-cig with which a user takes a hit.


Nicotine: A highly addictive drug, found within traditional cigarettes, and also found in e-liquids to make vaping a viable method of quitting smoking.

No Nic: An e-liquid that doesn’t contain nicotine


Ohm: A unit of electrical resistance, used in vaping to measure the resistance in a coil, and therefore the power of the vape.


Pass through: A type of device that can be used when plugged in and charging via a USB port.

Pen: A style of e-cig, typically smaller and pen-like.

PG: Short for Propylene Glycol, PG is one of two main substances that make up an e-liquid.

Protective Sleeve: A sleeve, usually made of silicon, that can house and protect a battery whilst on the move, from wear and short circuits.


QuickNicA nicotine solution that can be added and mixed into nicotine-free or low-strength e-liquids, to get it to the required/preferred strength.


RBA: Short for rebuildable atomiser.

RDA: Stands for rebuildable dripping atomiser, which allows users to create their own coils, insert cotton, and drip their e-liquid onto it.

Regulated ModThe opposite of a mechanical mod, this is a mod that contains electrical circuitry, and is regulated to stop the e-cig from overheating.

Resistance: Measured in Ohms, this is refers to the coils, and the lower this is, the lower the voltage needed for heating

RTA: Stands for rebuildable tank atomiser. Like an RDA, this can be rebuilt and modified, but it has a tank on top of it


Squonk modA type of mod in which the e-liquid is stored in a bottle that is squeezed to release it into the atomiser.

Starter kitA kit that has everything needed for a basic vape, usually containing an e-cig, batteries, and e-liquid.

Steeping: The process of leaving an e-liquid to age for a period of time to get the best flavour.

Stick: A style of e-cig that closely resembles the shape and style of a traditional cigarette.

Sub-ohming: The practice of vaping using a device with a resistance of less than 1 ohm to prduct larger vapor clouds.


Tail Piping: A style of drip vaping in which the user doesn’t use an attachment such as a drip tip, vaping directly from the atomiser.

Tank: Similar to a clearomisers but bigger with a higher capacity for e-liquid, and typically made from glass or plastic.

Throat Hit: A term that refers to the feel of vapor hitting the throat.

Threading: The connection that attaches the e-liquid cartridge to the vaping device

TPD: Stands for Tobacco Products Directive, regulations that deal with e-cigs as well as tobacco products. All vape products must be TPD compliant.


Unregulated Mod: An alternative term for a mechanical mod, a type of mod that contains no electrical circuitry.


Vaper’s tongue: The occurrence of a vaper temporarily losing full taste after using one flavour too much for too long.

VV: Stands for Variable Voltage, a type of vape device that allows users to change the voltage output.

VW: Stands for Variable Wattage, a type of vape device that allows users to adjust the wattage output.


Wick: A material, typically cotton, that is used to absorb e-liquid and draw it onto the coil.

WireIn terms of vaping, resistance wire is used to build coils for custom atomisers.

Wrap: When building a coil, a wrap refers to the wire being wrapped around an object.

Highland Vapes is a new UK based online store, stocking everything to suit your new vapers. Whether you’re a beginner looking for Starter Kits, or a long term vaper who needs DIY Tools for building coils, we’ve got it in stock for you. Browse our online stock.

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The Beginners Guide to Vaping: What are mods, coils, and more?

Everybody is talking about vaping. The vape industry is bigger than it’s ever been, backed up by a huge community of enthusiastic vapers. The most passionate of vapers will talk about how they build their own vapes and coils, and will throw out a lot of jargon that can make minimal sense to someone who’s never vaped before. As a new vaper, the whole process can be quite overwhelming – Where do you start? What do you need? What do all of these things DO?!

We’ve put together a handy guide to help you get up to speed with everything you need to know about vaping. As well as covering the essentials, such as what you need for an easy vape, and explaining what things such as mods and atomizers are, we’ll also give you an insight into the more advanced world of vaping, covering the dripping method and the process of people making their own coils.

Let’s begin with the basics… what actually is vaping?

Vape modifying

Vaping has become one of the leading techniques for stopping smoking. It retains the physical process of smoking, and provides the nicotine smokers are addicted to, all whilst being 95% less harmful than using tobacco, according to Public Health England. Vaping has become popular beyond just a means of stopping smoking though, and has now become a hobby and a passion for many.

Simply put, vaping is the process of inhaling vapor, with flavoured liquids often containing nicotine, heated at the push of a button.

What do you need to vape?

The bare minimum required to vape is a list of three items – your actual e-cigarette or vape, a battery, and e-liquid.

The vape can come in many different shapes and sizes, from small, stick-like items, to larger, more technical box styles. This isn’t just something that’s done for the sake of appearance – the different styles mean different types of vaping, with varied types of technology, processes, and results. Some vapes can be built by the vaper, who can purchase the different elements separately to create their ideal vape, while others are fully built and ready to go. A starter kit is ideal for beginners – there’s minimal work needed to get it up and running, and it comes with almost everything you need – all you need to add are the battery, and the e-liquid.

The e-liquid is one of the most crucial parts of your experience. It’s this that gives you the flavour and the nicotine, and there’s now a massive selection of innovative, varied tastes. There are two main types of e-liquid. One type comes with nicotine in it in varying strengths, from smaller measures such as 3mg, to the largest available of 24mg. The 3mg is equivalent to the level of nicotine that a light smoker who gets through a maximum of 10 cigarettes a day might take in, while the 24mg is only suitable for the heaviest smokers who get through around two packs a day. The other type of e-liquid available comes with no nicotine in it whatsoever. This isn’t useful for those who are using e-cigarettes to stop smoking, but is perfect for those who want to vape casually. The 0mg liquids are also QuickNic ready, meaning vapers can add their own nicotine to the mixture at whatever strength they require.

Finally, your vape isn’t going to work without a battery. These provide the energy to heat the e-liquid, and in some cases are built into the vape. Often, they’ll need to be purchased separately though, and changed every so often to keep it going – a lot of vape batteries are rechargeable though, so you won’t need to buy replacements every time one runs out. One of the most common types of vape battery is the 18650, usually rechargeable, which fits in a majority of models.

What makes up a vape?

There are several components that go towards making up a vape/e-cigarette – these include:

  • The mod
  • The coil
  • The drip tip

What is a mod?

A mod, also known as a box mod, is the main body of the vaping device. There are two main types of mod – mechanical & regulated. A mechanical mod has a simple button, which when pressed, connects the battery to the coil to heat the e-liquid – there are no electrical components within. A regulated mod is fully electrical, and often comes with a screen. In these cases, the button being pressed activates the action of heating the liquid through a processor.

Box Mod in the forest

What are coils and atomizers?

The coil is one of the most important parts of a vape, as it’s this which heats up the e-liquid, turning it into vapor. Coils come in many forms, tailored towards different methods of vaping, and garnering varied results.

Typically, when purchasing a full kit, the coil will be pre-assembled and installed so you can begin vaping. However, sometimes coils are parts of other devices, such as atomizers.

The atomizer is the device that holds the coil. There are two types of atomizers, tank atomisers and dripping atomizers. A tank atomizer, as the name suggests, holds a certain amount of e-liquid in its tank and feeds the coil, while a rebuildable dripping atomizer is one without a tank that requires manually dripping e-liquid onto the coil (see more about the dripping method below). Typically, an atomizer is composed of a heating coil either at the top or at the bottom of the device.

There are also similar devices such as clearomizers and cartomizers that also contain the coil, but these aren’t too important. There’s a lot of choice when it comes to coil selection, but keep it simple and use what comes with your full kit until you’ve built up some experience.

Rather than purchasing an atomizer, more experienced vapers who might use the dripping method of vaping (see below), will create coils themselves using wire and specific tools , or purchase pre-made single coils.

Sub ohm coils are also available, named as such because they have a resistance of less than one ohm. The purpose of this is to increase the power of the vape device, producing a larger amount, of more strongly flavoured vapor.

The difference between dripping and tanks

Using a tank vape is the easier option – the e-liquid is stored inside the vape, creating a convenient, simple to use option. The coil head gets filled with the e-liquid, and it slowly empties as you vape.

A full vape kit

Dripping is a completely different type of vaping, that requires some know-how. Dripping is said to give a stronger flavour to the vapes, also producing more vapor. In this scenario, the user drips the e-liquid onto a handmade coil, with this requiring a top up after every few hits. Although dripping is a more high maintenance form of vaping, it’s said to produce a better quality result.

What is a drip tip?

With a dripping type of vape, a drip tip is required. This replaces the standard mouthpiece one would have on a tank based system, and allows access to the coil so users can pour or drip the liquid directly onto it. Drip tips come in various styles and designs so your vape can be fully personalised.

The best advice for a new vaper

Simply put, the best advice for a new vaper is the stick to the basics:

  • Stick to a simple starter kit so you’ve got the full required device. Stay with full kits for a while, until you feel ready to mix and match with mods, coils and more.
  • Experiment with e-liquids to find your strength. If you’re a heavy smoker looking to stop, purchase an e-liquid with a high strength. For light smokers, go for a low strength nicotine, and for those who don’t smoke but want to try vaping, kick things off with a nicotine-free e-liquid. You might find it too weak or too strong, so adjust accordingly until you’ve got the perfect balance.

What are full kits?

Although you can buy all of your components separately, a full kit is an easy, convenient way of vaping. Everything you need, minus the vape juice, comes together, often fully assembled. All you need to do is charge it up/add a battery, pour in your e-liquid, and you’re ready to vape!

A designed e-cigarette

There are several types of full kit. A starter kit is the most basic, giving you the bare essentials – a perfect option for beginners. A sub ohm kit is designed to create a more intense vape with more vapor and a stronger flavour. A squonk kit is a type of vape device that uses a bottom feeding technique – the e-liquid is fed through a tube, into a center pin, and then into the atomizer.

Future vaping advice and information

After you’ve got set up with your vape, you might find yourself wondering how you can improve your experience, or you may need assistance with something going wrong. Aside from going to a vape shop and getting things sorted, there’s plenty of free information available online. The vaping community has a great, friendly online presence, with plenty of forums and websites where you can speak to other vapers about all things vape!

We can heavily recommend the UK based news site and forum Planet of the Vapes, and the vaping subreddit ECR_UK.

Purchasing your vapes

Highland Vapes is a new online retailer, stocking everything you require for your vaping needs. All products, including a wide range of e-liquids, full kits, mods, atomizers, coils, and DIY supplies, can be delivered next day in the UK, and if anything isn’t right for you, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and will deal with any issues promptly. Give us a try – browse our range now.

Welcome to Highland Vapes

Welcome to Highland Vapes, a new online store to supply you with everything you require to meet your vaping needs.

About Highland Vapes

The idea to create Highland Vapes came in July 2017, and comes from experience shopping for vaping products ourselves. We’ve experienced bad customer service and limited product ranges, and we want Highland Vapes to tackle all of the problems we’ve encountered. We’ve got a massive focus on providing top quality customer service, with customer satisfaction coming first. To meet these targets, we’re easily contactable by phone or email, and have a returns policy that helps us to sort out any problems with orders that leave you unsatisfied.

E-smoker woman in forest

We stock products at both ends of the price scale, also covering those brand new to vaping and the more experienced vapers. Whether you’re looking for exciting, new and unique e-liquid flavours, mechanical, regulated, and squonk mods, or DIY supplies to repair, modify or build your e-cigarette, Highland Vapes is the place for you.

Our Product Range


Highland Vapes stocks an exciting variation of e-liquids, ranging in both cost and nicotine strength. Some of our liquids are sold with varying strengths of nicotine, while others are purely flavour based, and require nicotine to be added. As such, we sell QuickNic, a shot of 18mg nicotine that can be added to your e-liquid.

We stock a huge range of e-liquids set to tantalise your taste buds with an imaginative selection of flavours. The range includes creamy flavours such as Cookie Dough Ice Cream, and fruity tastes from Berry Flurry to Fizzy Melon.

The Drink category of e-liquids features the Fantasi range, bursting with three ‘Fanta’ inspired products -Orange, Lemonade & Lemonade Ice. We also stock the Lemonade Stand range, packed with three tasty vaping experiences – Fresh Lemonade, Mojito Lemonade, and Orangeade.

In the Dessert category, you’ll find unique vape liquids such as Waffles & Jam, and Blueberry Cake, including products from ranges by Glas Basix, Surreal Vapes, & Evil Cloud.

We also stock a range of Tobacco based liquids, including the VGOD Cubano, and the Glas Basix Butterscotch Reserve.


Highland Vapes has a selection of Mechanical, Regulated, and Squonk Mods.

Mechanical mods don’t contain any of the electrical components required to vape – they simply supply the button that connects the battery and atomizer coil that heats the e-liquid.  Our range of mechanical mods includes products from CoilArt and Wotofo.

A regulated mod is an electronic device, and rather than mechanically connecting the battery and coil, it performs the action when the button is pressed through its processor. Our regulated mods range from low cost options to those slightly more expensive, and includes products by asMODus, Aspire, and Laisimo, with the range also featuring the special edition DRAG 157W Box Mod from VooPoo.

A squonk mod is a specific type of box mod that uses a bottom-fed RDA/RTA. It carries the e-liquid through a tube, into a center pin, and then up into the RDA/RTA. Our range of Squonk Mods includes products from CoilArt, Vandy Vape, and Wotofo.

Full Kits

For those starting out vaping, we stock a range of starter kits, containing a battery and atomizer, the basic requirements for a vape kit. Our starter kits are from a selection of reputable suppliers, and are reasonably priced. Styles include vape sticks and pens, and larger pocket sized kits, from manufacturers such as Aspire, Innokin, AIO UK, and Vaporesso.

Full vaping kit at Highland Vapes

We also stock Sub-Ohm kits, called as such because they have atomizer coils that have resistance of less than one ohm, designed to boost the flavour in the vaper. We currently stock the Vaporesso Revenger kit, available in three colours, (Gold, Green, and Rainbow), and designed for the heavy duty vaper.


The atomizer is the part of the e-cigarette that heats up the e-liquid to turn into vapour.

RTA stands for rebuildable tank atomizer, which is a type of atomizer made for use with a mod that uses a tank system – therefore carrying the e-liquid around inside the e-cigarette. Our range of Rebuildable Tank Atomizers is manufactured by the excellent suppliers Vandy Vape, Augvape, and OBS – all high quality, reputable names that design affordable, great value for money products.

Pyro RDTA By Vandy Vape

RDA refers to rebuildable dripping atomizers, a type of atomizer made for the type of vaper that uses cotton to add drops of e-liquid into their mod. Digiflavor, asMODus, VGOD, Vandy Vape, and CoilArt are all manufacturers of our Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer range, again, a reasonably priced, top quality selection.

DIY Supplies

For those vapers who are looking to build or modify their vapes, Highland Vapes stocks a range of DIY supplies.

We stock cotton from Coil Master and Fuzion, perfect for those using a dripping system. We supply coils from CoilArt and Coilology, several types of wire, and the coil master DIY kit, filled with all the tools you need.


Finally, we have a selection of accessories, to equip you with everything you need for the best vaping experience.

This includes a range of batteries from LG, Samsung, and Sony, to keep your vaper powered, and further accessories specifically for your battery. This features battery cases, PVC battery wraps, silicon protective sleeves, and insulators. We also stock 2-bay and 4-bay battery chargers.

Finally, we stock drip tips, an alternative to a standard cartomizer that screws onto the atomizer, and acts as a way to let e-liquid be dripped onto it. We stock the stylish FatBastahd range of Half Moon Mods drip tips, reasonably priced and in an eye catching range of designs.

Shopping With Highland Vapes

At Highland Vapes, we’re keen to ensure every customer leaves our website completely satisfied. As such, we’re keen to ensure you receive your purchases with minimal waiting, and have a flexible return policy should you run into any problems with your products.


We know how frustrating it can be to order a product, and then spend days waiting for it to arrive at your door. To make your shopping experience easier, we always aim to ship your items as soon as we’ve received payment, meaning if you order before 3pm on a weekday, we’ll send it out the same day. Any orders made after 3pm will be sent the following working day.

As standard, we send products via first class recorded delivery, but if you’re running out of e-liquid, or desperately need a new mod, you can also choose for us to ship your order by next day special delivery, with this guaranteeing the arrival of your goods before 1pm the following day.


Although all of our products come from reputable and reliable suppliers and manufacturers, we know that things can still go wrong. If you’re not satisfied with a product you’ve received from us, we accept returns for 14 calendar days from the date you received it. After the item has been inspected, we’ll contact you to let you know the status of your return – this could be either a refund, or a swap if we’ve got the same item in stock to replace the damaged one.

Find out more about our refund and cancellation policy.

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